Frequently Asked Questions


How long does this filter last?
The CeraMaji filter lasts approximately 3 years with regular use

Does the filter change the colour or taste of the water?
No, the water filter system does not change the colour or taste of the water

How does the filter clean the water?
Most the filtering capacity of the ceramic water filter is mechanical. The ceramic material has millions of tiny micropores that exclude bacteria and contaminants based on size. A small part of the filtering process is done by the colloidal silver coating which acts as an anti-septic.

How often does the filter need to be cleaned?
Every month, or whenever you notice the flow rate of the filter go down

How much water can the product filter?
The filter is designed to filter 1-3L per hour. If the filter is flowing slower or faster than this, it needs to be cleaned or it may be cracked.

How long does the filter last for?
The products are designed to last a family of up to 5 for 1-3 years. The life of the filter may be shortened or lengthened depending on use.

What if my filter breaks?
All filters are guaranteed to be free of defects and are under warranty for three months. If a filter breaks within the warranty time, it will be replaced at no charge. Ceramaji does not replace filters that break due to improper handling (ex: dropping the element on the floor).

Can the filter clean visibly dirty/cloudy water?
Water that is overly turbid can overwhelm the filter micropores. As such, we recommend first filtering visibly turbid water through a plain cloth placed on top of the element before filtering through the filter element.

Can I scoop water out from the bucket receptacle since it is faster than using the spigot?
We strongly recommend against this, as this is one way that filtered water can become contaminated through using dirty cups or hands. The spigot is an important part of keeping the water clean.

How do I clean the filter?
Cleaning the filter takes 15 minutes and can be done using household products. Please refer to the user manual for instructions.


What kind of quality control measures do you take during the manufacturing process?
The CeraMaji undergoes strict sensitive pathological tests to determine if it is filtering at it’s greatest capacity. Learn┬ámore about the manufacturing process here.


What is the minimum order quantity that can be purchased from your website?
The minimum order quantity of CeraMaji filters that can be purchased from our website is 25. For inquires regarding samples, please email us at

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